AI powered customer support services

Sub-headline: Conversational interfaces for website, mobile, popular messaging platforms and IoT devices


–       Live-agents time wasted by having to answer FAQs – commonly asked questions

–       Switchboards needed to route calls

–       Slow response rates caused by live agent requiring to research/confirm answers

–       Improve customer satisfaction

–       Language barrier

–       Human emotions get in the way of good customer satisfaction because live-agent are prone to be frustrated/rude 

–       live agent can’t work around the clock, has limits


–       Automate answers to FAQs – learn questions which are similarly but worded differently (ML) and be able to answer them – automate service request

–       Using entity-linking technology

–       Automatically route calls by using ML to learn categories of questions

–       Back-end systems integrated to solutions can be found quicker 

–       Use google clouds software that works in 14 languages to be more accessible to customers

–       AI – works tirelessly, 24/7, sentiment analysis that gauges customers mood and approaches customer appropriately 

–       Intent classification – training models to understand what users really want

–       Relevance scoring – human-in-the-loop platform identify if your search or conversational agent outputs are relevant to a user’s request

–    Chatbots are a powerful way to reduce operational cost

–    Google Cloud Platform enables us to create chatbots for any platform that you working on, tailored to your needs, equipped with one of the strongest NLP technologies available in the industry.

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